Southern Hills Lavender drives event attendance with Facebook Events

Southern Hills Lavender used Facebook Events to plan U-pick, a community event inviting people to come pick lavender, which resulted in a 4× increase in attendees and a 4.5× increase in profit.

“Not only did the Facebook Events serve as a digital repository for our U-pick that will help us improve our brand, build relationships and plan future events, but had we not had the Facebook Event, we would have prepared for just 200 people—not the 2,000 we did prepare for and we never could have been able to handle the 8,000 we got.”

Mary Bergstrom, Co-owner, Southern Hills Lavender

Their Story

Bringing lavender to the masses

Founded by husband and wife duo Tim and Mary, Southern Hills Lavender was built to share their love of growing, nature, agriculture, and learning with their family, friends, visitors, customers, and the community. The farm grows and harvests lavender, manufactures and sells lavender products, and hosts community events in Greer, South Carolina.

Their Goal

Engaging with lavender fans

Southern Hills Lavender was looking to build awareness and increase engagement with the local community. They used Facebook Events to reach new customers and draw people to their U-Pick Lavender event to build engagement and increase sales.


Planning the perfect event

To attract new customers, the Southern Hills Lavender team created a Facebook Event to promote its first-ever U-pick event.


To attract new customers, the farm shared the event on its Page and in local Facebook Groups. It posted the event link on its website and in every email communication.


The farm used its event as a forum to interact with people interested in the event. They took suggestions and questions to help plan as the event grew.


Following the event, Southern Hills Lavender kept the event active by thanking people for attending, getting feedback, answering questions, and promoting its plans for future U-pick events.


The farm analyzed its event metrics in Page Insights to learn about its customers prior to its next event.

Their success

Successful results drive attendance and profit

Southern Hills Lavender’s U-pick event was a great success and the event was profitable for the farm and its charity partners. The farm achieved:


increase in attendees,
compared to target


increase in profit,
compared to target


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