Fostering a BossBabe community with Facebook Events

The non-profit uses Facebook Events to nurture its local community and interact with people interested in the organization’s series of meet-ups, events and festivals, leading to a 50% increase in attendees.

“Facebook will continue being a vital community organizing tool for our non-profit. It’s essential to the way we communicate and disseminate information about our gatherings and calendar.”

Jane Hervey, Founder and Head of Operations, BossBabesATX

Their Story

Supporting women across the country

Founded in Austin, Texas, in May 2015, BossBabesATX is a self-funded non-profit series of meet-ups, events and festivals for self-identifying women in creative industries and the arts.

Their Goal

Building pre-event hype

The BossBabesATX team uses Facebook Events to foster a community around its non-profit organization, and generate hype leading up to its events in the Austin area. The organization also uses its Facebook Events to answer questions and interact with its members and event attendees resulting in a 25% decrease in the volume of support emails to ensure that everyone feels clued-in and welcome.


Connecting with Babe attendees


BossBabesATX shares events on its Page and through its other marketing avenues including Instagram, email lists and press outreach to encourage potential members its 7,000 existing members to RSVP.


The BossBabesATX directly manages communications and support inquiries through the Facebook Event to be sure that all attendees will see it. This led to a 25% decrease in the volume of support emails the team receives. Using the event discussion, they answer questions and make announcements.


The organization uses its Facebook Events to build attendees’ interest by interacting with its attendees at least once per day. For instance, BossBabesATX shared interesting stories about each vendor leading up to its craftHER Market, getting attendees even more excited.


For its larger functions, BossBabesATX uses Facebook advertising to encourage people to RSVP to its Facebook Event page. The team uses Custom Audiences to reach people who have attended a BossBabesATX event in the past, so past attendees keep coming back.

Their success

Welcome results

BossBabesATX has successfully created an inviting community at its events and on Facebook. The organization continues to use Facebook Events to promote its meet-ups, festivals and other events, achieving:


Increase in event attendees


Decrease in support emails


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