Bring people together with Facebook Events

Tools & tips to set up a great event, reach your audience, sell tickets and measure performance.

Why Facebook Events?

Create a Facebook Event through your Page to connect to your audience and empower them to spend time together in the real world.

  • 550M

    people use Facebook Events each month

  • 41%

    of Facebook users in the U.S. engage with public events each month

  • 47M

    public events were created in 2015

  • 35M

    people view a public event each day

Is your business on Facebook?

Create a page

Create a great event

Create an event optimized for distribution because more than 60% of people discover events through News Feed.

Create an event

Make it easy for people to discover your event

Choose an event photo

Your photo appears differently across desktop and mobile so it should be 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 ratio) or larger with little or no text. If you want to set up event advertising, creative with more than 20% text often isn’t approved or gets less distribution. Learn More

Use a clear and short event name

Long names can get cut off, so avoid duplicating location information in the name and don’t use capital letters or symbols that can be hard to read. Learn More

Add a location

Use a location that corresponds to a Facebook Page or a Facebook-suggested location so people nearby can discover and learn about your event through suggestions. Otherwise, use the full address including the city. Learn More

Set a specific date & time

Your event should be tied to a specific date and time so people can discover it. For events longer than two weeks, create separate events with their own time and location.

Reach the right audience

Include a ticket link

If you’re selling tickets to your event, add your event’s ticketing provider website link to the Ticket URL field. This makes it easier for people to buy tickets and unlocks the ability to create ads optimized to drive ticket sales.

Add a co-host to help spread the word

You can add any Page that you admin as a co-host of your event to drive distribution. Add all relevant Pages like performers, promoters, sponsors, and venues. When you add a co-host, the event will appear on the Page’s calendar.

Add keywords

Input keywords to make it easier for people to find your event.

Provide a helpful description

Include important information like the line-up, schedule or age requirements. Use hashtags and @mentions so people can learn more about the artists or performers on Facebook.

Manage your event effectively

Moderate posts to your event

You can choose to only allow only hosts to post on the event discussion. Or, you can require that all posts be approved by an admin before they are published to your event. Learn More

Save event drafts

Create and save drafts of your event before publicly publishing your event. You can access drafts through the events tab on your Page. All Page admins will have access to your event drafts.

Schedule events to publish later

Set a publication date and time to control when your event goes live. After scheduling the event, you can always make updates by going back to your event.

Edit event details

You can make edits leading up to the event. However, once you reach a large number of responses, you can only change the time or location of the event three times. Once the event begins, you will not be able to edit the event details. Learn More

Regular or monthly events

To save time, you can duplicate past events under the More dropdown menu on your event page and then update any relevant event info before publishing.

Streamline event management with Official Events

Official Events API

If you’re an event organizer that uses Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, Ticketfly or Spectra, you can use our API to streamline event creation and management at scale directly through your ticketing provider. To learn more, contact your ticketing partner.

Tips on spreading the word

More than 1.7 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them. Promote your event to drive awareness, get people to your events and build an engaged community.

Watch video

Use your event to engage with your audience

Share the event on your Page

Spread the word by regularly sharing your event on your Page. On the event, click Share then Share in News Feed to build buzz, provide updates and keep the conversation going with your audience.

Enlist co-hosts and relevant Groups to promote:

Encourage everyone to share the event and take advantage of the combined audience of all the hosts and people involved. Learn More

Share pictures, videos, stories and updates

Leading up to the event, regularly post to the event and get people excited. During the event, give updates and rally latecomers. After the event, encourage guests to share photos or videos, thank people for coming and promote upcoming events.

Go Live from your event

Use your mobile phone to go live from the event to engage your audience before, after or during the event.

Highlight events on your Page

Move up the event tab

Make it easy for people to find your event calendar by reordering the tabs on your Page. If the events tab still isn’t visible, you’ll need to create an upcoming event first. Learn More

Publish events to Timeline

Make sure that you’ve checked Publish New Events to Timeline on the gear dropdown menu on the events tab to automatically post to your Timeline when you create a new Event.

Promote upcoming events

Cross-promote using Add to Page

Avoid creating duplicate Facebook Events and ask other organizers or promoters to add your event to their Page calendars so their audiences can discover your event. Learn More

Share your event calendar

Publish a post with a preview of your event calendar ([YourPage]/events) to let people know about upcoming events. To reach even more people, boost the post with an ad or share the link through mailing lists.

Promote your event off of Facebook

Create a QR code

On desktop, click the More dropdown menu on your event page and create unique QR code to use on printed flyers, posters and email announcements. This takes people directly to your Facebook Event where they can mark themselves as Interested or Going. Learn More

Embed Your Event Calendar on Your Website

Add a Page plugin so people can discover and interact with your events from your website. Any changes to the Facebook Event are automatically updated on your website. Learn More

Promote your event with ads

Create an ad to increase attendance and sell more tickets. Event ads are optimized to drive event responses or sales on your ticketing website.

Design campaigns with impact

Drive awareness

Create a launch moment when your lineup is announced or tickets go on sale. Make sure that your past attendees know about your upcoming events.

Drive consideration

Generate interest and highlight premium experiences like VIP tickets or parking passes.

Retarget key audiences

Don’t lose customers that showed interest by using retargeting to stay top of mind. Use last-minute messaging or promotions to encourage people to attend your event.

Increase awareness & sell tickets with ads

Drive awareness through event responses

Create these ads by clicking Boost Event from the event page on desktop or mobile. Target people based on gender, age, location and interests. Learn More

Drive ticket sales through website conversions

Create these ads by clicking Boost Event from the event page on desktop or mobile and then selecting Increase Ticket Sales. Target people based on gender, age, location and interests. You can only set up event ads to drive ticket sales if you include a Ticket URL on the event. Learn More

Create event ads through Ads Manager

Click the More dropdown menu on your event page. To create ads that increase awareness and drive event responses, click Get More Responses. To create ads that send people to your website buy tickets, click Sell More Tickets. Learn More

Use targeting for better results

Use Ads Manager to target key audiences

Target people and their friends who have responded to your event or any event from your Page. You can exclude people who have already responded to your event. Learn More

Use lookalike audiences

Use Ads Manager to upload a list of people from email lists or who have bought tickets in the past. We’ll target similar people based on their Facebook data and browsing history. Learn More

Sell tickets directly through Facebook

Sell tickets on Facebook

If you’re an event organizer that uses Official Events through Ticketmaster or Eventbrite, you can sell tickets directly on Facebook through the Facebook Official Events API. To learn more, contact your ticketing partner.

Measuring event performance

Use metrics about your events to gain insights and benchmark performance.

View and interact with event metrics

Click View All Insights on the event page to understand how your events perform organically and with advertising. Use awareness, engagement, ticketing and audience insights to get to know your customers and customize ad targeting.

Learn More

Use Ads Manager to measure success

Create and export Facebook ad reports to see your most important ad metrics and learn how you’re reaching your business goals.

Learn More

Tools and Resources

More resources to promote your event
and drive ticket sales.


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